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We are medical weight loss specialists who are passionate about helping patients in the Dallas area achieve health and vitality. Together we have over 20 years' experience with non-surgical weight loss, hormone balancing and life style modification to help patients lead healthy, active lives. We practice evidence-based-medicine, which means that our approach to your weight loss goals and hormone balancing needs is based on scientific evidence.

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Patrick Lost 65 Pounds with ReShape™*

Patrick started to gain weight in his 20s—a little bit here, a little bit there. As he got older, the extra weight impacted his quality of life: he couldn’t “keep up” with his son, his friends gave him a hard time, and he didn’t have the confidence he wanted.

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Weight Loss

Let us help you lose weight and feel better now. We will give you the necessary tools to achieve and maintain healthy weight loss.

Hormone Balancing

Men and women alike can have significant hormone imbalances that affect their daily lives. We offer an individualized, integrative approach to achieve balance with bio-identical hormones.

The Doctors

Learn more about the caring doctors that will help you achieve optimal health and vitality.


We offer an assortment of nutritious foods and protein supplements, as well as pharmaceutical-grade vitamins and supplements.

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18800 Preston Road, Suite 310
Dallas, Texas 75252