Banish That Double Chin Without Surgery

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Having excess fat under your chin (a so-called double chin) can completely change the way your face looks. Even if the rest of your body is slim and toned, that excess under-chin fat can add pounds to your appearance, blurring your jawline and making your face look bloated. Sure, a baby face can be cute — on a baby. But as an adult, you want your face to look slim and attractive, and part of that means having a well-defined jaw and jowl area. To achieve that slimmer profile, you need to get rid of your double chin.

Unfortunately, the fat under your chin (also called submental fat) is pretty stubborn. Even with diet and exercise, flabby tissue tends to stay put under your chin. There really aren’t any exercises designed to target the submental region, which means you’ve got to find another solution. At Vital Wellness and Weight Loss, we use the state-of-the-art SculpSure® laser system to melt away stubborn under-chin fat, leaving you with a sleeker, slimmer profile without surgery and without downtime. Here’s how it works.

Melt submental fat with SculpSure

Double chins aren’t always caused by being overweight. In fact, many people who have double chins are genetically predisposed to submental fat deposit, which means they’re far more likely to have a double chin even if they’re at a healthy body weight. In these instances, while diet and exercise might make a double chin less noticeable, it’s not going to completely eliminate it.

If you have just a little excess fat, your chin and lower face will look full and maybe a little puffy. If you have a lot of extra fat tissue under your chin, you can wind up with a crease that makes you look as if you actually have a second chin. In the past, the only way to treat a double chin was to have liposuction surgery. Liposuction uses a small incision in your chin along with suction to vacuum out fat. It can be an effective way to get rid of chin fat, but afterward, you’ll have a lot of bruising, swelling and discomfort, not to mention a scar. Plus, surgery comes with the risks of infection and nerve damage.

SculpSure gets rid of submental fat without surgery and incisions. During treatment, you’ll recline and relax while the SculpSure device does the work. The device applicator is positioned under your chin and attached with soft, comfortable straps so it stays in place throughout the treatment session. In addition to emitting laser energy to zap away fat, the applicator features special cooling technology to keep your skin comfortable. As the laser energy is absorbed by the fat cells, the cell walls break down, releasing the fatty material inside the cells. The remaining debris is carted off by your body’s lymphatic system over the next few weeks, leaving your chin and neck area looking firmer, sleeker, and more toned.

After SculpSure treatment, your fat cells are gone for good. Of course, you can still gain weight in other areas of your face like your cheeks, so to maintain that slim profile, you should still follow a healthy diet and get plenty of exercises. (It’ll be good for your overall health too.) While you may notice some results soon after your treatment, the final outcome of your SculpSure treatment will be visible in about eight to 12 weeks, after your body carries away and eliminates the fatty debris left after your treatment.

Are you a good candidate for SculpSure?

SculpSure treatment can be a great choice for just about anyone with stubborn submental fat. Before your treatment, your doctor will examine your chin and review your medical history to make sure SculpSure treatment is your best option. To learn more about SculpSure and to find out how it can help you slim down that flabby double chin area, book an appointment online today.

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