As women get within 5-7 years of menopause, the cessation of their menses, there are a number of hormonal imbalance symptoms they can experience. The combination of symptoms may vary from woman to woman but often includes some of the following:

As the ovaries age there is erratic hormone production that directly contributes to these symptoms which, when when left unchecked can lead to strained relationships and a decreased sense of well being. The more severe the hormone imbalance, the more severe symptoms you can see. Testing for a hormone imbalance and treating it is a fairly simple process, so it unfortunate that female hormone balancing is not more widely understood or discussed among both the general community and physicians. The key to this treatment is correlating the symptoms with the documented physiologic imbalances that are detected through labratory testing.

We aim to help women feel more energetic and balanced again to restore their sense of normalcy, increase their libido and their overall well-being. To learn more about Hormone Balancing, contact our office today.