Here's What Happens to Your Body When Your Hormones Are Imbalanced

Your hormones serve as the chemical messengers of your body: They relay messages from one organ to another through your bloodstream, and they affect everything that goes on in your body from sleep to metabolism to reproduction.

If something’s not right with your hormones, all sorts of things can go awry. Dr. Richard Eller and Dr. Michele Cavenee of Vital Wellness & Weight Loss explain the top seven signs of a hormone imbalance — and what to do about them. 

Signs and symptoms of a hormone imbalance

Weight gain

Unexplained weight can certainly signal wacky hormone levels. If you haven’t changed anything about your diet, exercise regimen, or sleep schedule, weight gain might point to imbalances in estrogen, leptin, cortisol, or other hormones that affect fat storage. 


A thyroid hormone deficiency is most closely associated with chronic fatigue, but low estrogen, progesterone, or testosterone can also cause fatigue. Adrenal fatigue — a constant cycle of cortisol levels not staying where they’re supposed to — also causes chronic fatigue. 

Digestive discomfort 

Your digestive system requires many different organs to work in concert, and all of your organs rely on hormones to function properly. An imbalance in certain hormones, including leptin, ghrelin, insulin, adrenal hormones, and female sex hormones, can cause digestive upset. 

Changes in skin 

During puberty, we associate hormones with acne. But hormones and skin don’t stop working together — or against each other — once we reach adulthood. Changes in your skin, such as acne breakouts, dryness, flakiness, puffiness, red spots, or splotches, can signal hormone imbalances. 

Changes in hair 

If you suddenly find more hair on your brush or on the shower drain, you might be experiencing a hormone imbalance. In women, hair loss is primarily caused by too much of a certain derivative of testosterone. 

Mood issues 

Unexplained anger, irritability, depression, and other low moods can signal hormone imbalances, especially in women. Fluctuations in the main sex hormones (estrogen, progesterone, testosterone) often cause mood issues.

Unexplained bodily aches and pains 

Are you feeling achy, even though you didn’t do anything that should’ve caused muscle or joint pain? There are some connections between menopause and body pain, as well as between low testosterone and body pain. Hypothyroidism may also cause muscle and joint pain or weakness.

These aren’t the only signs and symptoms of hormone imbalances, so if you’re experiencing other symptoms but can’t pinpoint a cause, be sure to talk with a doctor as soon as possible. 

How to fix a hormone imbalance

Sometimes, hormone imbalances can be remedied with lifestyle changes or natural remedies, such as adjustments to your exercise regimen, diet, or sleep schedule. However, some hormone imbalances persist and warrant treatment from a health professional. At Vital Wellness & Weight Loss, our doctors offer two treatment options for hormone imbalances: 

Hormone balancing

After a thorough review of your medical history, a consultation about current symptoms, and advanced lab testing, Dr. Cavenee or Dr. Eller develop a treatment plan to balance your hormones. The plan might include lifestyle counseling, further testing, or other tactics to help you resolve your hormone imbalance. 

Bioidentical hormone replacement therapy

Compared with traditional hormone replacement therapy, bioidentical hormones are thought to be safer and more effective because they mimic the actual chemical structure of the hormones your body naturally produces. Bioidentical hormone replacement therapy can minimize or eliminate all of the symptoms discussed above, plus more, including menopause symptoms like hot flashes. 

If you think you might be struggling with a hormone deficiency or imbalance, call Vital Wellness & Weight Loss at 214-666-8021 right away, send us a message on our website, or book an appointment online at our Dallas clinic. 

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