How Your Doctor Can Help Create a Weight-Loss Plan Tailored to You

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No two ways about it: Losing weight is no easy task for most of us, especially losing a lot of weight. But what’s especially discouraging is when, despite your best efforts at watching what you eat and cutting back on “empty” calories, you’re still having trouble reaching your goal weight. Or just as bad, you lose the weight you want to lose, only to gain it all back within a few months.

Why diets fail

When diets fail, it’s easy to blame ourselves. In fact, most of us take it for granted that when a diet doesn’t work for us, it’s because somehow, we “didn’t do it right.” Worse, multiple dieting failures can make us give up on losing weight entirely in addition to taking a big toll on our self-esteem.

Plenty of family and friends will have advice — something along the lines of: “Losing weight is easy. Just eat less and exercise more.” They mean well, but it’s just not that simple. You have to start with knowing why you’re overeating or why you’re choosing to binge or eat unhealthy foods. Commercial diet plans can’t do that for you. They’re made for the masses, using basic principles like the advice from your family that work in principle, but can be difficult to implement successfully in practice.

Why? Because each of us loses weight in a different way. You hear people say someone is skinny because they have a “fast metabolism.” Well, there’s some truth in that. We don’t all metabolize calories in the same way. But even more importantly, we may have developed unhealthy eating habits because of underlying medical issues, lifestyle habits, or even nutritional deficiencies. Once again, commercial diets aren’t designed to address those differences. And as a result, many of us are set up to fail, right from the start.

Medical weight loss: Designed for success

At Vital Wellness and Weight Loss, every medical weight-loss plan starts with a complete medical evaluation to identify eating triggers, measure your body composition, and identify potential nutritional deficiencies or underlying medical problems that could be interfering with losing weight or maintaining a healthy weight. Depending on your lab work results and medical history, our team can partner with your primary care doctor to ensure you get comprehensive care that’s focused on helping you achieve optimal wellness every step of the way.

Because we customize each patient’s weight-loss plan, we can incorporate individual elements tailored to your health, your weight-loss goals, and your lifestyle. Certainly, a healthy eating plan will be part of your program, and we might also recommend nutraceuticals or supplements to help restore a proper balance of nutrients. Depending on your goals and your body composition, you might benefit from injections of vitamin B12 or fat-blasting compounds like inositol, choline, or methionine. No matter what other elements your plan includes, we’ll also provide you with the information and guidance you need throughout your journey to help you stay on track so you can reach your goals.

Most importantly, your weight-loss plan will be based on realistic expectations and goal-setting so you can really celebrate your victories along the way. We won’t expect you to do the impossible; instead, we’ll provide you with a plan that’s designed to work with your lifestyle, your metabolism, your health, and your goals.

Don’t let past dieting failures stand in your way of losing weight. Medical weight loss can help you drop those excess pounds so you can enjoy extra energy, better self-esteem, and improved overall health too. As experts in medical weight loss, Dr. Cavenee and Dr. Eller have extensive experience in helping adults, teens, and kids lose weight and enjoy better health. To learn how Vital Wellness and Weight Loss can design a weight-loss plan for your needs and your lifestyle, book an appointment online today.

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