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If you are looking for a partnership with doctors who practice cutting-edge medicine to optimize your health, you have come to the right place. We are physicians offering the latest in weight management and hormone balancing services via old-fashioned, personal doctor-patient relationships. We believe it is VITAL that all individuals strive for optimal health, so GET STARTED today!

No “Program Fees” or hidden prices. We practice on a pay-as-you-go basis. Everyone is different: no “one-size fits all” programs here!

$295 Weight Loss Introductory Price
Ages 12 and up (minors must be accompanied by parent or guardian)
Includes 1-hour physician evaluation, comprehensive lab panel, body composition analysis, nutrition counseling, meal plan and evaluation for appetite suppressant if indicated

$395 Hormone Evaluation Introductory Price
Men and Women
Includes 1-hour physician consultation, salivary hormone test panel, analysis and interpretation of hormone test panel and follow up with a physician for prescription recommendations

We partner with our patients to develop treatment plans that fit individual needs and lifestyles, with an emphasis on evidence-based medicine rather than fads or gimmicks. Our innovative approach to each patient allows us to help you attain optimal health no matter your age. True “good health” involves weight management, proper nutrition, balanced hormones and body chemistries, adequate sleep, stress management and an active lifestyle.

Hormone imbalances may lead to a multitude of symptoms that catch both men and women off guard, interfering with day-to-day life, work and relationships. At Vital Wellness & Weight Loss, we have dedicated our practice to the evaluation and treatment of hormonal deficiencies to help patients achieve optimal health and vitality at any age. Hormone balancing may involve supplementation for deficiencies in estrogen, progesterone, testosterone, thyroid and/or adrenal hormones.

We believe in addressing each individual as a unique patient; treatment plans are customized based on symptoms and laboratory evidence of hormonal imbalances. Bio-identical hormone replacement may help to diminish or reverse the bothersome “side effects” of aging. Relief of hot flashes, improvement in skin texture, restoration of libido, increase in energy and effective weight management are just some of the many benefits of restoring hormone levels to a healthy balance. In addition to bio-identical hormone replacement therapy, we also provide patients with extensive education and resources to maintain a healthy lifestyle and age without losing vitality.

Our goal is to work with patients to restore balance and general wellbeing. We believe the traditional doctor-patient relationship is a key element in achieving this goal. We perform a thorough review of medical history, current symptoms of hormone imbalance, and advanced hormone testing profiles. During your consultation, Dr. Cavenee or Dr. Eller will review your history, symptoms and laboratory results, and discuss your proposed treatment plan. Most of our patients utilize bioidentical hormone replacement therapy for relief of symptoms, with treatment guided by appropriate laboratory testing and assessment of symptom resolution.

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