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Doctor-Recommended Foods & Protein Supplements

We understand that eating healthy is not always easy given our hectic, busy lifestyles. Eating natural foods is preferable but not always possible. Convenient, healthy snacks are particularly difficult to find. Our goal is to help you reach YOUR goal with medically sound, realistic advice on proper nutrition for meals and snacks.

In addition to providing our weight loss patients with nutritional guidance and meal planning, we also offer nutritionally balanced protein supplements in our retail store. There is NO OBLIGATION for weight loss patients to purchase these products; they are available for anyone seeking convenient options for protein supplements to maintain lean muscle while burning fat.

Our protein supplements, bars, snacks and other healthy foods TASTE GOOD and are nutritionally balanced. Many of our items are gluten-free, and all products are aspartame-free. Items include pancakes and oatmeal for breakfast, shakes, fruit drinks, shelf-stable entrees, and crunchy protein chips. 

The IDEAL food contains protein, healthy carbohydrates and a small amount of fat. Adequate protein is essential to maintain lean muscle, and is especially important in patients on calorie-restricted diets. Our nutritional products are an excellent choice for anyone looking for convenient alternatives to traditional snack foods or healthy choices for on-the-go meals.

You do not need to be a patient to shop in our store. We also offer bulk discounts and shipping!

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18800 Preston Road, Suite 310
Dallas, Texas 75252