5 Super Popular Cosmetic Treatments Among Men

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Somehow our culture got the idea that only girls and women are interested in body image. For years, we patently ignored all the teenaged boys who devoured the ads in the back of comic books that promised they could transform from pencil-neck geeks to muscle-bound beach heroes by using an isometric exercise machine just 5 minutes a day.

But now statistics show us, once and for all, that men care about the way they look, too. And not just as teens. A recent report from the American Society of Plastic Surgeons demonstrates that American men of all ages collectively underwent 1.3 million cosmetic procedures in 2017.

Over the last five years, liposuction procedures went up 23% in men and tummy tucks rose in popularity by 12%. But do you really have to go under the knife to get a sleek, athletic physique and unworried face, so you can compete both in and out of the workplace?

Luckily, at Vital Wellness & Weight Loss in Dallas, Texas, you can make the aesthetic changes you want without surgery or downtime. Here are 5 super-popular nonsurgical procedures that men use to improve their looks from top to toe:

1. Nonsurgical body contouring

When you’re already at a healthy weight, but have exercise-resistant fat that you can’t budge, the aesthetic professionals at Vital Wellness & Weight Loss recommend body contouring with the FDA-cleared, revolutionary SculpSure® system. SculpSure’s laser energy reaches past your skin to target excess fat cells, heating them to the point where they can no longer function.

As the fat cells die, you body processes them through your lymphatic system over the next few months, eventually excreting them. Once the fat cells are gone, they can’t come back. Each SculpSure session eliminates about 24% of the fat in the treated area.

2. Double chin treatment

A double chin makes you look heavier and older than you are, and can dull the look of an otherwise chiseled profile. The experts at Vital Wellness & Weight Loss have a special SculpSure applicator that fits directly in the submental (under chin) area to gradually eliminate your double chin.

Each treatment takes about 30 minutes. You may need several treatments to get the improvement you want.

3. Botox®

You don’t have to turn your frown upside down: Erase it completely with Botox. Botox is an injectable neuromodulator that stops your forehead muscles from creating wrinkles between your eyebrows when you frown.

Once the muscles stop forming creases, your skin smooths out to leave you wrinkle free. Botox can also erase forehead furrows, squint lines, and create a nonsurgical brow lift to take the heaviness away from droopy eyes. Botox treatments need to be repeated every 3-4 months.

4. Dermal fillers

If your frown lines are extremely deep, or if you have creases along side your mouth or nose, dermal fillers quickly and easily fill in and smooth out the lines. Dermal fillers either infuse your skin with hyaluronic acid — a natural lubricant — or plump it up by stimulating the production of new collagen.

Your aesthetic professional can also use dermal fillers to improve the look of scars or add volume to aging lips. Depending on the type of filler you get, touch-ups are advised every 6-18 months.

5. Hormone balancing

If you have a variety of uncomfortable symptoms, such as loss of energy or libido, decreased muscle strength, and weight gain, you may benefit from hormone balancing therapies. Your medical professional at Vital Wellness & Weight Loss does a blood test to determine your levels of testosterone and other androgens. Depending on your needs, your expert can custom-design bioidentical hormone replacement therapy to restore your sense of well-being.

Hormone balancing helps you lose fat and gain muscle, and also increases your mental acuity. Your expert monitors you regularly to be sure your hormones are at an optimal level.


In addition to these five super-popular nonsurgical procedures for men, our experts offer other services to help you look and feel your best. Call our office today or use the online form to set up a consultation and evaluation.

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