Female Hormone Balancing


Women often begin to experience symptoms of hormonal imbalance well before menopause. For a period of 5-7 years prior to the cessation of menses, they may have irregular menstrual cycles, labile emotions, tearfulness, decreased libido, hot flashes and/or night sweats, fatigue, foggy thinking and difficulty concentrating. These erratic symptoms are explained by the erratic hormone production occurring in aging ovaries. If left unchecked, these bothersome symptoms may result in strained relationships, difficulty with job performance, loss of confidence and a generalized decrease in sense of wellbeing. The severity of symptoms seems to correlate with the severity of hormone imbalance.

Testing and treatment for hormone balance is a relatively straightforward process, although many physicians are not trained in this area. The key to evaluation and treatment is correlating symptoms with documented physiologic imbalances detected in laboratory testing. Customized supplementation with bio-identical hormones generally results in prompt and dramatic improvement or resolution of symptoms. Our philosophy involves balancing the various hormone levels relative to each other, to achieve symptom resolution. This approach does not necessarily result in returning hormone levels to those of a 25-year old, but restores youthful energy, libido and vitality.

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