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If you have loose, saggy skin underneath your neck, consider noninvasive double chin treatment at Vital Wellness & Weight Loss in Dallas. Richard Eller, MD provides customized treatment options to meet your unique needs and aesthetic goals. To learn more about double chin treatments at Vital Wellness & Weight Loss, call the office or use online booking to schedule an appointment today.

Double Chin Treatment Q & A

What is submental fullness?

Submental fullness is the clinical term for having a double chin. It’s characterized by excessive fat located just under your chin that occurs due to a layer of subcutaneous fat pulling your skin down and forming a crease, making it look like you have two chins. Submental fullness impacts men and women equally and is linked to genetics, weight gain, and aging.

Unfortunately, while diet and exercise may reduce the appearance of your double chin, they don’t eliminate it. Dr. Eller provides customized laser treatments at Vital Wellness & Weight Loss to tone and tighten your neck area and get rid of your double chin forever.

How does double chin laser therapy work?

You’ll stretch back and relax while Dr. Eller positions the laser applicator under your chin. The laser heats up and destroys the fat in your double chin, but doesn’t affect any of the skin or tissues nearby. In fact, the SculpSureⓇ laser that Dr. Eller uses includes innovative cooling technology to keep your skin comfortable.

Over time, the fat cells treated with the laser implode, die, and flush away through your body’s lymphatic system. The best part is that once they’re processed out of your body, the fat cells never regenerate.

Am I a good candidate for double chin laser treatment?

Double chin treatment is effective for both men and women. Your chin fat may be a result of poor diet or genetics, but if you’ve tried to eliminate it to no avail, you’ll benefit from double chin treatment.

If you’re self-conscious or unhappy about the fat underneath your neck, Dr. Eller can help with a customized laser treatment plan.

How long does it take to see results?

Dr. Eller destroys your fat cells with the laser wand in less than 30 minutes. It can take up to 90 days for your body to remove the dead cells. You’ll notice some results right away, and they only get better as time goes on.

To inquire about submental fullness and double chin treatments, call Vital Wellness & Weight Loss or use the online booking feature to schedule your consultation today.